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By using a holistic approach we can help you reach your optimal health, well-being, and lifestyle goals. Through proper guidance, support, coaching, and inspiration you will begin a beautiful journey in discovering a balanced, energised, happier and healthier new you!

Reaching and maintaining your optimum weight is much more than a simple equation of calories in and calories burned. It is definitely not about going hungry and starving yourself. It is about finding balance and learning how to support your body with delicious natural foods. Nourishing every cell in your body, helping your metabolism work properly and getting rid of toxins will lead to good health and increased energy and the extra weight will come off and stay off naturally.

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Your body works very hard. All the normal metabolic processes create waste products which need to be eliminated. Just like you do at home this kind of housekeeping is an ongoing chore. However periodically it is necessary to do a bit of a more thorough cleaning. If you are very busy or exposed to an increased amount of toxins the daily house cleaning routine is definitively not enough.

If your cells are clogged up with waist products they cannot perform properly and all the metabolic processes become more sluggish and less efficient.

Supporting your eliminating organs with cleansing foods, herbs and specific nutrients will increase your energy and help your metabolism perform more efficient.

This is especially important if you want to lose weight, have aches and pains or suffer from low energy and fatigue or are exposed to toxins at your work place.

It is an excellent idea to detoxify before becoming pregnant. You should not follow a detoxing program while you are pregnant or breast feeding.

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The human body is capable of the most amazing tasks. If functioning properly it works with abundant energy and can regenerate and heal itself. Just as any skilled craftsman cannot work without adequate materials and tools, our bodies cannot function properly without the right nutrients. The raw materials we derive from food are the building blocks for our cells. Vitamins and other nutrients are used as tools to convert and transport molecules and protect our cells.

Every person is bio-chemically unique. This means one person might need much more of a specific nutrient than another. A food that might be perfect for one individual might be detrimental for another. Holistic nutrition takes these different needs into account and also assesses individual nutritional imbalances and weaknesses.

While proper nutrition is the foundation for good health the holistic approach looks also at other factors that influence health like life style, environmental toxins and stress. The goal is to restore balance and vitality to all aspects of a human being: physical, mental and emotional.

We live in a world of abundant choices and a constant flood of information. It can be overwhelming to make the right choice when confronted with often conflicting information and enticing promises. Holistic nutrition does not offer quick fixes but gets to the root of the problem and uses real foods and changes in habits to achieve long lasting results and optimal health.

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How is a Life Cell Microscopy different from traditional blood tests?

In a traditional laboratory test blood is preserved and stained in order to see certain cell structures. The results are mostly limited to the count and evaluation of size and ratio of Red and White blood cells and platelets.

Life cell microscopy is performed by a certified practitioner. A small drop of blood from your fingertip is placed on a slide and viewed with a Darkfield condenser and magnified over 1000 times. The process gives a highly contrasted image so that live material can be easily viewed. The images are displayed on a TV screen and are visible to both the client and the practitioner.

The process is not used to diagnose any disease but to assess “the terrain”, the conditions of your body tissues and cells and the health of your immune system. A healthy terrain protects the body from disease, and the idea is to improve suboptimal patterns before serious trouble can occur.

What can a Life Cell Microscopy reveal?

• Nutritional deficiencies
• Low B12, Folic Acid, and Iron
• Deficiency of fatty acids
• Incomplete or delayed digestion of fats and proteins
• Liver stress
• Undesirable bacterial and fungal by-products
• Imbalances and suboptimal conditions of the “terrain”
• Dehydration
• Indicators of low oxygen levels and poor circulation
• Free radical damage to the red blood cells and the need for antioxidants
• Immune system function
• Hormonal imbalances
• Uric acid crystals and risks of gout


Benefits of an assessment with Life Cell Microscopy

• Only a tiny drop of blood is needed. The procedure is considered pain free by most clients.
• Being able to observe what is going on in ones own blood is highly educational and motivating to improve diet and life style.
• The client is able to observe how adhering to a health protocol leads to positive changes in the blood picture.
• Suboptimal patterns can be observed and corrected before serious problems and disease develop.
• Indicators of unfavourable conditions may be observed before pronounced symptoms occur and often month or even years before they are detected by traditional diagnostics.

Learning about your body and how to support it with good nutrition will empower you to take charge of your health. I am available for classes about topics related to nutrition and health in general. Please contact me for details.

It has been more than 20 years since I first learned about the benefits of sprouts  and they have been my passion ever since. Sprouts are a true super food. They not only contain incredible amounts of nutrients and active enzymes, but they are easy to digest and delicious. Sprouting is easy, economical and only takes a few minutes a day. If you can spare two minutes a day you will be able to produce a great variety and considerable quantity of highly nutritious food right at home.

In the sprouting class you will learn about different methods, what materials you need and where to buy seeds. Best of all you will sample a great variety of sprouts and dishes prepared with them.

I offer sprouting classes in different locations. Check out my events for more information. If you would like to organize a class with a group of friends or coworkers please contact me for details.

Need some extra help establishing a healthy way of eating? Do you need to follow a special diet? A grocery tour will help you fill your fridge and pantry with healthy foods and you will learn to make sense of labels and nutritional information on products. Please contact me for details.