Feb, 2014

Weight loss is not about starving yourself and feeling miserable only to lose some weight and have it come back with a vengeance after a while. If you carry too much weight something in your body is out of balance. Finding out the underlying causes and correct them while supporting your body with the right nutrients from whole natural foods will bring it back into balance. The weight comes off naturally and stays off.

I admit this will take some commitment and patience from your part. You will not only learn about foods that are good for you and foods you will be better avoiding, but you will learn about yourself and your relationship with food. It is a process, a journey. It might not be easy at times but well worth the effort. Once you take your focus off simply wanting to lose weight but rather want to achieve health and wellbeing you will enjoy the improvements you will experience along the way, your increased energy, better mood, better sleep, just to name a few. Ultimately you will be in touch with the signals of your body and intuitively reach for foods your body needs. You will be in sync with your body.


metabolic-balanceMetabolic Balance®

Metabolic Balance is a personalized nutrition program from Germany. It is based on over 30 of your blood values. After you take a blood test the results are sent to Germany where a personalized nutrition plan is created just for you. It uses only whole, natural delicious foods. The program is geared to bring your metabolism back into balance and achieve long term health benefits. As your coach I will walk you through every step of the program.

Even though most people go on Metabolic Balance to lose weight it is not a diet, but a nutrition program. It not only works if you want to lose weight but will bring your body back into balance and improve health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, PMS and arthritis.

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