Nov, 2014

Christmas lights and decorations, chocolates and goodies, getting together with friends and office parties, our children counting the days until Christmas are all wonderful things that make this season so special.
Of course there is also the extra stress that comes with this season. Rushing to find a gift for a special someone, busy stores and busy streets. Finding time to prepare healthy meals becomes even more challenging and is often pushed way down the list of things to do.

And there is the dreaded weight gain, it is quite easy and common to pack on several pounds during the holiday season. Don’t despair, it does not have to be this way.
There are a few simple rules we can borrow from the Metabolic Balance Program which you can implement right now. They will help you to enjoy the holidays without gaining extra weight.

1. Drink plenty of water. About 30 ml per kg body weight or your weight in pounds divided by two, in ounces.
2. Eat only three meals a day.
3. Choose foods with a low glycemic load. (On the Metabolic Balance program the ideal food is determined according to your blood values)
4. Allow five hours between meals
5. Do not allow a single meal to last longer than 60 min.
6. Avoid eating after 9 pm
7. Start each meal with a few bites of protein
8. Have a different kind of protein with each meal and only one kind of protein per meal
9. Eat your fruit (including an apple every day) with a meal or as a dessert

When you have a special dinner and you know you will indulge in food and or alcohol adapt the rest of the day to this event.
Do not eat any starches and sugars or sweet fruits with your other meals
Drink extra water, especially before and after you drink alcohol and the next day
Make sure to have a few bites of protein before you drink alcohol

There are plenty more ways how you can help your body. If you would like to learn more about what you can do now and in the New Year to reach your health goals please contact me by Email.

Happy Holidays!