Feb, 2014

Diabetes is a serious health issue. The number of individuals affected by diabetes is constantly climbing.

Diabetes may not only shorten your life, but affect your quality of life negatively. Losing your eye sight, kidney failure and needing regular blood dialysis and cardiovascular problems are only a few of the complications of diabetes.

The good news is with good nutrition you can prevent getting diabetes. 

If you are suffering from Diabetes Type 1 your pancreas is not able to produce sufficient insulin to regulate your blood sugar. You will need insulin injections for the rest of your life. Only about 5% of all diabetics are Type 1. You can still improve your quality of life and avoid complications if you choose the right foods.

About 95% of all diabetics are Type 2. Your pancreas can produce sufficient insulin but your cells do not respond properly to the insulin. Your blood sugar remains high and your pancreas responds with producing even more insulin. Even though your insulin values are elevated your blood sugar is still too high.

Advances in personal blood sugar monitors have made it much easier to manage your diabetes. Unfortunately they have also taken away the focus of choosing foods that prevent spikes in blood sugar. These monitors give a false sense of security, they make you believe you can eat whatever you want. Trying to manage your diabetes this way will increase your risk of complications and lessen your quality of life and probably shorten your life overall.

2013-11-14-undiagnosedThe solution is actually very simple. With some changes to your life style and choosing the right foods you can bring your body back into balance and insulin values back to normal. You can greatly improve your condition and even reverse it.

Change can be intimidating. Don’t worry I will guide you step by step at your own pace. Change does not mean to be deprived of what life has to offer. All to the contrary you can enjoy delicious food and at the same time support your body with the right nutrients. As your body gets back into balance you will experience improved energy and you will be able to enjoy much better quality of life.